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Sharge FlowTapLike-3C

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Sharge Flow Powerbank brings efficient heat dissipation by deconstructing and internalizing the classic transparent design and striped elements of the iMac G3; it uses LG batteries for small size and big power.
Super Portable Design: Sharge 10000mAh portable powerbank, which is only one-third the size of iPhone 13 Pro and smaller than a credit card. The compact design is perfect for outdoor hiking, travel, business, etc.
Unique Low-Current Mode:Unlike most portable power banks, Sharge low-current mode can work with not only all the phones, tablets but your smaller devices like AirPods, bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc.
Excellent Charging Function:This 10000mAh portable battery charger is dual output ports can charge two devices at the same time, and it also supports pass-through charging, which can charge a battery pack while charging a device. The 20W max output can charge an iPhone 12 to 50% in 30 minutes.
Universal Compatibility:This portable phone charger with USB-C and USB-A two output port can be compatible with all smart devices on the market, such as iPhone/Samsung/Pixel/LG/Switch series, etc. 10000mAh battery capacity can be used for iPhone 13 2.4 times, iPhone 8 3.7 times, Samsung Galaxy S22 2 times, Pixel 6 1.8times.
Superior Safety:Sharge high safety standards make this USB power bank is shell not only made of fireproof materials, but also has over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, anti-static protection, short circuit protection and overload protection. Guard your security 24 hours a day.

Use high-performance lithium-ion batteries than lithium polymer batteries, longer life, more powerful.

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Unique lightsaber-style power indicator, a tribute to Star Wars.

The lightest and smallest 10000mAh cell phone charger fits perfectly in your palm, purse, and pocket.

Why choose us


This portable power source measures only 4.9 in * 3.7 in * 1.6 in and weighs only 0.4lb, which is smaller than a credit card and similar to the weight of a baseball.


Sharge Flow small power bank supports Pass-through charging, so you can charge your phone while charging yourself.


Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds, and Sharge Flow will enter lower power charging mode to support low power devices, including wearables like smartwatches and wireless earbuds.


This portable power source measures only 4.9 in * 3.7 in * 1.6 in and weighs only 0.4lb, which is smaller than a credit card and similar to the weight of a baseball.


Its battery power is 36wh, which is lower than the airline limit of 100wh and can be easily taken on airplane.


Sharge Flow power bank*1 USB-C cable*1 User Manual*1

Wide Compatibility

The USB-C and USB-A output compatible with 99% of the electronic devices on the market.


Product Protection

Six safety protection features
All-round guarding your security

Smart Temperature Control System 3.0

Automatic temperature detection of the battery cell, to protect your charging safety


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