About us

A Comprehensive Introduction to Taplike.com

Taplike is an innovative new media e-commerce service platform dedicated to providing live shopping experiences for influencers and content creators, helping them monetize their content. With headquarters in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Taplike brings together an experienced international team deeply knowledgeable about marketing technology, supply chain management, and live e-commerce. As an official partner of TikTok's US regional center store, we focus on creating unique and engaging shopping experiences for creators and their fans.

Built on Shopify technology, Taplike's online store ensures platform security and smooth performance. We offer a one-stop service for influencers and creators, including full-category supply chain access, product matching, product listing, influencer account activation, sample services, data services, commission settlements, bestseller support, marketing campaign support, and customer service support.

Additionally, we have crafted the Taplike Shop Center specifically for creators, providing comprehensive support for their needs. For top-tier influencers, we offer exclusive storefronts, customized pricing, tailored product selection support, as well as brand collaboration and promotion resources, holistically enhancing their efficiency and profitability in inventory-free live streaming.

Our mission is to redefine the future of online shopping by bridging the gap between social media and e-commerce, enabling influencers and creators to quickly engage in live streaming sales, effortlessly earn money, and eliminate concerns about logistics and operations. With the slogan "Tap Your Likes, Shop Your Desires," Taplike emphasizes personalization and convenience for users, allowing them to easily explore and shop for products they are genuinely interested in. The Taplike team continuously provides exceptional support for influencers and creators, empowering them to achieve their business goals. We also constantly optimize platform features and adjust strategies based on market changes and user needs, ensuring that influencers and creators maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving live e-commerce market.