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New MewooFun Cat Toys Interactive Whack-a-mole Solid Wood Toys forMaroon Simba

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This is a whack-a-mole cat interactive toy; imitating cat and mouse game; arouse the curiosity of the cat; let the cat enjoy it; can also enhance the feelings between the pet and the owner; increase the amount of exercise to promote the health of the cat.

There are 5 stuffed moles at the top. Press the handle to make the moles come out of the hole and attract the cat to scratch.There are also 2 hanging balls on the side; all cats are curious about the toys in the hole.The wooden handle is shaped like a cat's claw and can be sprinkled with catnip (not included) to attract cats to play with.

The whole toy is made of solid wood; the edge is polished round; without burr; and the material is environmentally friendly and healthy; safe and non-toxic. Stuffed mouse; realistic appearance.The fur ball in the hole; made from rabbit hair; is very soft.

Size: 13.2*10.2*3.9 inch; This product has a sturdy structure and large size; which is suitable for several cats to play together.Suitable for various kinds of indoor floor; carpet; suitable for various kinds of house cats; is your cat's high-quality partner.

Product Information:

Size: 13.2*10.2*3.9 in

Weight: about 2.4 lb

Materials: Wood; plastic; rabbit hair; hardware; ect.


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